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ircd-RU! Changes Log
$Id: CHANGES,v 2003/08/17 05:30:12 rzhe Exp $

Current changes

- Added module support for clients external authentication.
- Extended drone module interface with squelching, fixed some drone stuff.
- Denied squelched clients to send part/quit reasons.
- Added umode +H hiding codepage and idle time info in /whois reply.

Changes for 1.0.7

- Added some constants definition in configure script parameters.
- Fixed weird requesting remote /stats kKa bug.
- Extended anti-drone system.
- Fixed version tracking.
- Fixed listeners releasing bug.
- Added throttling exceptions.
- Ported for OpenBSD.
- Changed to using ctype.h macroses (isalpha, etc.) instead of built-in.
- Fixed broken umode +h propagation.
- Added ability to display MOTD, short MOTD or do not display any MOTD on
  client register, depending on client connection class flags.
- Fixed compiling warnings on Solaris.
- Fixed N:line masks bug.
- Fixed MAXPARA overflow bug on channel TS modes.
- Fixed multiple drone bans bug.
- Added ability to hide network topology for different access levels.
- Made access to server/network information and sadmin checking more strict.
- Fixed samples installation.
- Fixed Brocklesby's draft part of RPL_PROTOCTL.
- Added DNSBL support.
- Added channel redirection support (R-lines format changed).
- Added displaying informative URLs when disconnecting banned client.
- Made all listening sockets binding by default to the address in M-line if
- Added reloading drone module on SIGUSR1.
- Made listeners binding more tunable.
- Changed to using system zlib.
- Removed internal resolv library code.
- Added -n command line parameter to specify name servers.
- Added -r command line parameter to specify directory to chroot.
- Added -u command line parameter to specify user to setuid.
- Added -g command line parameter to specify group to setgid.
- Added displaying informative URLs when aborting client registration due to
  bad data and rejecting DCC sends of forbidden file types.
- Removed proxy modes code.
- Fixed the Bahamut syslog() call vulnerability in s_debug.c.
- Fixed the Bahamut sendbuf out-of-bounds access bug.
- Added +h channel mode that disallows viewing access lists from outside.
- Added displaying flags in /stats output as string.

Changes for 1.0.6

- Updated to Bahamut 1.4.35.
- Added syslog(3) redirection to file feature.
- Changed syslog logging to be more informative by default.
- Fixed client update on services remove oper flag.
- Added server-specific network bans support.
- Restricted umode +w from non-opers.
- Fixed broken /globops access restriction.
- Fixed restrictions and umodes mess, updated conf examples.
- Added operator status on successful oper hostmasking feature.
- Added strlcpy/cat() support for stupid Linux stdlib which doesn't have them.
- Added channel restrictions.
- Fixed installation on SunOS.
- Made SILENCE do not affect messages from U-lined clients.

Changes for 1.0.5

- Restricted last nickname 8-bit character to be alphabetical.
- Fixed minor warnings while compiling.
- Moved network definition to config.h.
- Fixed EOLs in AUTH notices.
- Fixed 8-bit nicknames restriction bug.
- Fixed checking for banned nickname.
- Fixed bug checking ban strings.
- Fixed resolving to make it work in jail environment. Added -r command line
  parameter that specifies the local IP address will be used for resolving
  socket; the default address will be used if no -r parameter given.
- Updated to Bahamut 1.4.34.
- Added optional SVSMODE chasing.
- Added optional network open proxy monitor support and +P channel mode that
  disallowes using a channel for clients from open proxy.
- Added bypass protocol version and case-insensitive processing checking flags
  to N:line flags.
- Added A parameter to /LIST.
- Fixed weird IP hashing.
- Repaired using the IP address specified in M:line as a local address for
  outgoing connections.
- Added FAQ to Russian docs.
- Added clients-friendly 8-bit caseinsensitive channel names support.
- Added optional nicknames' characters identity support.
- Fixed some opers umodes were available to users and not cleared after -o.
- Temporary (until fixed) removed building and installing of some tools as
  they are broken or useless.
- Optimized valid nicknames and channel names characters checking.

Changes for 1.0.4

- Fixed bug ircd crashes on external msg to -n+7|x|w channel.
- Added quick solution for bans desync bug appears on sjoining when TS on one
  side is greater than on another, and there are bans on the first side that
  do not exist on another.
- Fixed bug +|-X channel mode was not processed correctly.
- Fixed bug the server assumed that a user's nickname has mixed-alphabet words
  after the user changed nick to a plain one.
- Separated /INFO output for regular users and operators.
- Added --enable-hub to ./configure arguments.
- Fixed bug writing maxclients.
- Fixed bug caused different problems with aconf lists processing.
- Moved unauthorized connection message definition to config.h.
- Repaired max clones restriction in connection class. See the ircd.conf-dist
  for details.
- Added ability to use masks in N:line remote host field.

Changes for 1.0.3

- Fixed bug the compiler fails on src/channel.c when NO_CHANOPS_WHEN_SPLIT is
  not defined.
- Optionally protect U-lined servers from being disconnected by not services
- Fixed profile target build.
- Fixed FNAME_USERLOG and FNAME_OPERLOG installation.
- Added TIME_OFFSET feature.
- Fixed NO_8BIT_NICKNAMES bug causes servers which have NO_8BIT_NICKNAMES
  reject non-local clients with 8-bit nicknames. Some conceptual changes within
  this bugfix. See the comment in m_nick().
- Added WeNet Russian (CP1251) draft motd example to the doc/ directory.
- Added +x channel mode disallows using nicknames that contains latin alphabet
  characters as well as national alphabet ones in a channel.
- Optimized +7 channel mode processing.
- Added NO_MIXEDALPHA_NICKNAMES macro that enables the code disallows using
  nicknames that contain latin alphabet characters as well as national alphabet
  ones within the server.
- Updated to Bahamut-1.4.30.
- Added +B (ban all users that match specified nick!user@host:server mask) and
  +E (allow users that match specified nick!user@host:server mask) channel
- Fixed bug a user with 7-bit/mixed-alphabet nickname can send external message to
  +7/+x channel that allows external messages.
- Moved D:-lines to B:-lines, the format is also changed a bit. See samples
  in doc/ircd.conf-dist. /stats x moved to /stats b.
- Added codepage aliases feature.
- Added possibility to change (as well as forcibly) codepages for users with
  8-bit nicknames.
- Adjusted sources to compile under Cygwin.
- Repaired broken ircd -d command line parameter.
- Fixed bug ircd crashed if there is no codepage specifed in P:-line.
- Made the correct implementation of the idea to circumvent bans completely for
  invited user. Bans processing optimizations.
- Added client Y:lines flags support, '7' and 'x' flags disallowing using 8-bit
  and mixed-alphabet nicknames respectively for a class. See the attention in
  Y:lines description in doc/ircd.conf-dist.
- Added +X (allow only users that match specified nick!user@host:server mask.
- Fixed bug ircd did not read configure files with windows-style EOL correctly.
- Fixed compiling and installing for Solaris and AIX.
- Updated for ircd-RU!.
- Added more Russian docs in doc/ru_RU.KOI8-R.
- Fixed bugs in existing codepages.
- Added NO_MIXEDALPHAWORDS_NICKNAMES macro, 'w' client class flag and +w
  channel mode that disallow using nicknames which contain words that have
  latin alphabet characters as well as national alphabet ones withing the
  server, connection class and channel respectively.
- Added /StatServ MAP wrapper as /MAP command.

Changes for 1.0.2

- Changed to show ips or hosts in /STATS.
- Changed installation to make include/config.h created while running
- Fixed m_whois() to show +aA umode properly.

Changes for 1.0.1

- Added translation schemes concept. This includes:
    * Codepages and translations data structures definition, codepages data
      files and code for reading codepages from disk to the structures,
      performing translations, etc.
    * Server configuration data and rehash scheme extensions. chkconf utility
    * Packet processing extensions for translating to and from the server base
      codepage to local connections codepages.
    * Clients connecting process extensions. Ircd primary listen port concept
    * Servers joining protocol extensions to perform server-to-server traffic
      translation negotiation.
    * Optional 8-bit nicknames support.
    * Optional 8-bit symbols case-insensitive processing for nicknames and
      channel names, and checking for coincidense of these capabilities on
      servers joining.
    * CODEPAGE command, CODEPAGES and FORCECP messages.
    * STATS message 'x' query extension.
    * +7 channel mode.
    * Translations schemes concept specific additional information in /WHOIS,
      /TRACE, /STATS and /INFO commands replies, and RPL_PROTOCTL reply.

- Changed server configuring, building and installing process. Added debug and
  installd targets.
- Added +e channel mode.
- Added optional protocol version check on servers joining.
- Made the server optionally changing its working directory to / on startup.
- Added U-lined clients can not be deopped or kicked from a channel.
- Added do not show channels the U-lined clients in.
- Fixed the bug with on_for variable declaration in exit_client() in Bahamut
  original code.
- Changed to display RPL_CREATED message in ISO_8859-1.
- Added optional suppress showing that a user is an operator to non-opered
  clients for operators without +h umode set.
- Added optional notification for operators with +h umode set about WHOIS
  request on them.
- Fixed listeners rehashing bug and configuration items detaching bug in Bahamut
  original code.
- Added bans and exceptions existence reply.

(C) rzhe@WeNet, 2001-2003

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